Get a Record Deal

Get a Record Deal

If you are an aspiring pop star, singer or musician you may want to get a record deal to get your name known and turned into a household name. This can prove to be a difficult task for many especially if you are from a small town. Your chances of winning a record deal by entering a contest are slim and nobody records a demo and sends it to various record labels expecting to hear back positive word within a week. Times have changed and the atmosphere for getting a record deal has changed as well.

The world of music and showmanship now involves a lot of digital creations with social networking and instant communication highly sought after as an artist you have the ability to reach your desired target in just a couple minutes using any of these tools or the most popular YouTube. At the moment this seems like the ideal thing to do and you may have even done it already but the truth is after positing your music on YouTube you are still a far cry from getting that record deal that you so desire. There are a couple of things you need to know about getting a record deal.

1. Getting a record deal is not just about getting exposure, you can find exposure with Facebook likes and Twitter followers or YouTube video comments but these people that you are exposing yourself to are not the ones who can get you the record label deal so why even bother to invest too much time in that. Well you want to still keep up your social following you may say. There is nothing wrong with that just remember that getting the record deal is your ultimate goal.

2. The people offering the record deals have not changed their methods. They aren’t looking for you on YouTube and Facebook but instead are attending live performances to find that new thing “golden ticket”.

But how do you get A&R executives to see that you have a lot of promise and are worth being taken under their wings. How do you get into these performance shows that they attend so that they can actually see what you are made of? The answer is simple you need to be persevering. You want to impress upon these executives that you don’t stop at the first sign of a glitch and that you have the desire to make it big in the industry.

You will need to show that you are not willing to back down until you have had your voice heard. Start doing live performances and get merchandise made to advertise yourself. Finance your albums and have them for sale even if it is just from your car. Ensure that you take copies with you to performances so that you can sell them afterwards as well. Do everything within your power to get people to be interested with you. Doing this long enough will allow you to get the recognition you need to get that record deal.

Becoming a Music Idol: Strategies to Score Yourself a Record Deal

There is arguably no industry this side of camera film and camera film development that has seen more of a massive shift in the last 10 to 15 years. than the music industry. The cause is no different than what nearly drove Kodak out of business: technological emergence altering the business models.

The first cornerstone of music as a business has always been the record companies. Prior to the advent of the internet, they served as an imperial combination of talent scout, money, power and, ultimate controller of artistic work product (music) release and dissemination. This meant that the record companies, just prior to the internet becoming mainstream, had never before seen control over who became a star and at what price.

Many would argue that this represented a golden era in the music industry. After all, the record companies were thriving under a longstanding business model. Cable, with the likes of MTV and VH1, gave yet another disbursement vehicle for advertisement, and cd’s held firmly at $17.00 for years. For the artist, be it a group, band or solo act, the scoring of a record deal represented the apex and actually a necessity to effectively grow the revenue potential of their talents.

Here’s the reality of the current post-internet era of the music business: getting a record deal is still the preferred method for an artist(s) to fully flourish economically, and many would argue, artistically. Not only do record companies own the most relevant channels for production and distribution, but they can guarantee an artist’s minimum income. This allows the artist to focus on content creation without being spread too thin. This is especially important when an artist is first starting out.

So how do you get one of those all-important record deals these days?
1. Have great music. You aren’t going to gimmick your way past the talent judges in the industry. They have heard and seen it all.
2. Have a top notch and professional demo package. Make sure it is attractive, informative and doesn’t waste the recipient’s time. The advancements in online technology have made this easier than ever.
3. Project professionalism in all things. A record company has many choices on who to offer a deal to. They don’t need to take risks on anyone.
4. Be hyper-diligent about locating and getting exposure for your work with Artist & Repertoire reps.
5. Don’t gain the reputation as a shot gun sender of demos. Show that you know your work and who will be the best fit for you. Treat it like you are interviewing your ideal choice. Trust your work and abilities and be ready to work as hard at getting a record deal as you do developing your musical content.

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