Spotify, Android, Apple TV, And The New Appathy

Apps are coming at us from all directions, and they’re getting both more sophisticated and simpler–the app economy is booming. But as everyone and their dog makes something they deem fit to call an “app,” the supply will arrive like a flood. Then what will we do as a consumer society–wallow, sink, or swim? And if everyone’s building an app, do we ever need to buy one?

Last week Spotify added a powerful gateway into its system by enabling third-party apps to work inside its streaming music system. It’s a response, Spotify says, to many customer requests for it to add this or that additional facility…and instead of doing this piecemeal, the company has decided to let third-party developers build them. That’ll certainly satisfy many requests, and it’ll also enable many surprising app additions that we may never have previously thought of.

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